Our Mission

Kuwait London Company (KLC) was established in 2008, bringing you the best in the food industry with dining establishments strategically located throughout the best locations in Kuwait and an exceptional food delivery service since 2009. As opposed to franchising, we developed and built our brands locally. All five of our concepts are entirely conceived and operated by an experienced in-house team of culinary, managerial and technical experts. With a total of fifteen innovative and delectable food outlets across Kuwait, we are poised to become the largest group of local delivery concepts in Kuwait and our delivery network is growing faster every day.....more about us

  • Spreading The Chubby Love

    On March 7th Chubby Balls transitioned from an item in The Kitchen to it's own brand...

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  • KLC New Year's Party

    We celebrated our New year's party on Monday 16th January...

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  • Khaleejesque Magazine

    Kuwait’s local leading food delivery company, we met the visionary CEO...

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  • Bazaar Magazine

    Here at bazaar, we love us a good story. Especially when the story involves a local business...

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